Work smarter, not harder, with our business growth and automation platform.

Practitioner: prac·ti·tion·er
"Someone whose work involves long training and high levels of skill."

As an expert in your field, you get powerful results for your clients.

But is the following also true?

Imagine how you'd feel if you woke up tomorrow and had...

Sound good?

It's all possible with the new Practitioner Platform.

The new Practitioner Platform gives you more than just a great looking website.

We've brought the marketing, management, and automation of your business to the forefront of our mission.

The way we see it, you worked hard to become an expert in your field, and you've already created life-changing results for your clients. Isn't it about time your business started working that hard for you?

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and as we started to implement a little automation here and there in our own business, we realized just how much it could also be helping our clients.

The right automations will reduce your workload and eliminate repetitive tasks. They help you get 10x more done in the time you work, freeing you up so some days you don't even have to work... all while massively improving your client experience. Happy clients grow your business, so it's a win for your bottom line, too.

Ready to make it happen? Pick a plan below to get started today.

Which plan is right for you?

Our plans have been thoughtfully assembled to give you the perfect combination of features and automations. Choose based on the business model that most closely matches yours.

Working one-to-one with clients? Ready, Set, Done! is everything you need.

Ready, Set, Done!

Streamline bookings, payments and client intake for your 1-1 online services
$ 149
per month paid annually, or
$159/mo. month-to-month

+ $1499 setup
to build your website
& automations for you
  • Beautiful, professional website, designed to get clients

    (built for you by our team)
  • Unified messaging inbox - have ALL your client conversations in one place whether they contacted you by email, text, live chat, phone, Instagram or Facebook!
  • Appointment booking funnel, with automated Zoom meeting creation & appointment reminder texts/emails

    (saves hours of admin work & reduces no-shows)
  • Syncs with your Google or Outlook calendars

    (so your work calendar knows your personal schedule & you don't get double booked)
  • Use your own domain for your website, or get a free practitionerplatform domain
  • Fast, reliable web hosting
  • Daily website backups
    & security monitoring
  • Tech support from our fast, friendly, experienced team
  • Built-in payment processing with Stripe, PayPal, or Square
  • No additional transaction or payment processing fees

Focused on list-building, or have a growing client load? My friend, you're ready to Grow with the Flow.

Grow with the Flow

Grow your list and income with unlimited marketing funnels, emails & automations
$ 199
per month paid annually, or
$209/mo. month-to-month

+ $1999 setup
to build your website
& automations for you
  • Everything in
    'Ready, Set, Done!' plus:
  • Client management system (CRM) with unlimited contacts
  • Email marketing & automation with unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited funnels
    (easy DIY page builder, or hire our team for your funnel building)

Selling courses, memberships, digital products... or want more passive income? Your future has Unlimited Potential.

Unlimited Potential

Generate automated passive income selling digital products (courses, etc.)
$ 299
per month paid annually, or
$309/mo. month-to-month.

+ $2999 setup
to build your website
& automations for you
  • Everything in
    'Grow with the Flow' plus:
  • Create unlimited courses,
    digital products
    & membership portals
  • Video hosting included (unlimited)
  • Build powerful workflow automations to automate pretty much everything
  • Includes access to our new 'Freedom through Automation' training, released January 2022.
    ($1497 value)

The Practitioner Platform (TPP) is a website and marketing automation platform for online service providers. 

Although most of our customers work in the holistic wellness space, we also work with other types coaches and course creators. Basically, if you run any sort of online service or training business, we’d be a good fit! 


The word "practitioner" is defined as "someone whose work involves long training and high levels of skill..." So that applies to experts of all types. Most typically in the online space this means coaches or consultants, but if you have something to teach or share that could help others, you are a practitioner of that subject, and we'd love to have you on the platform so we can help you help more people. 🙂

There is some overlap in features between those tools and ours, but here's where we're different:

- Those are software companies. We are a service provider with powerful software baked in.

- We focus on helping you MARKET and AUTOMATE your business, we don't just sell you a place to house your content.

- We don't expect you to be a graphic designer in order to make your website look professional.

- We provide full done-for-you setup. We build your website and setup your first funnel(s) for you.

- Every single customer gets a private 60 min onboarding call with our Founder/CEO, because we really want to help you get up and running and to see you succeed. We don’t just sell you a software subscription and tell you to visit our helpdesk to teach yourself how to use it.

Some other differences:

- We have 0% transaction fee on all our plan levels.

- We don’t make your advertise us for free by enforcing our logo on all your pages - it’s optional if you would like to promote us in your website footer (and earn a referral fee if someone buys after viewing your site).

- We are a small (but well established) business, owned by the person who runs it, so we are not influenced by a board of shareholders. We're growing but not growth obsessed ("growth at all costs") like many bigger, externally funded corporations.

- We are built, owned, and run by a woman.

Budget hosts rent one server and cram everybody’s websites on it. This is how it's so cheap (and so unsecure).  We, however, create a new cloud hosting account for each and every customer website. We pay per site for premium hosting.

We have 2 full-time support engineers who are the same people who run our infrastructure, so any problems get solved quickly and don’t have to be escalated up the chain of command very far (if at all).


'Managed' hosting means that we manage everything about your website hosting - security, software updates, uptime, daily backups, and fixing anything that stops working. With budget ('unmanaged') hosts, all those jobs are on your plate (and wallet).

Any online service provider who wishes to streamline and automate their business, so they can work smarter, not harder. If you’re a coach, wellness practitioner, course creator or online service provider who sells their time *or* their intellectual property, TPP would be a great fit for you.  Since we specialize in automations, we're also perfect for anyone wishing to create passive income.

We’re both!  We’re software *with* a service, or "software powered service."
We try to combine the best of humanity (creativity, compassion, weird analogies to help you understand how the internet works…) with the power of technology.

It’s yours for as long as you have a subscription with us. You can not take it with you if you cancel.

We created TPP so that you could get a $7500+ website for a low monthly fee. Think of it as renting a house versus buying a house. If something breaks and you’re renting, your landlord deals with it. They pay for the maintenance, and send a plumber if your pipes burst.  So in this housing analogy, TPP are both the construction company and landlord for your ‘house’ (website).


If you want a custom built home, you have to pay much more up front, and still pay the mortgage (the web hosting).  So this way, you can get a much nicer and full-featured website for way less than purchasing one outright, plus we take care of it for you.


If you want us to build you a website that you own vs rent, let us know. We only take on a small number of these projects, usually just one per quarter. The website we build for you would be yours to keep, even if you choose to use another hosting provider. Prices start at $7,500.  Bear in mind you can get the same website as a ‘rental’ on TPP for much less money, but even so, some people want to own - perhaps because they already have a hosting provider they love, or they don’t need all the other tools and services included in a TPP subscription, or they just love our designs so much they need to have one to keep forever 🙂

We take care of your website hosting and all related care (daily backups, security, tech support, even the plugin licenses on your site), and you get the use of our website design for as long as you are a subscriber to the service.

Also included in your subscription is access to the business dashboard and marketing automation platform.

Ongoing website content updates, any other done-for-you services (beyond the initial setup work). Free personalized business or marketing strategy advice (from time to time these types of things may be available by paid appointment). 

You’re welcome to work on your own website. All TPP sites are installed with the world’s best page builder tool - Elementor Pro.  It’s really easy to use, and Elementor has a ton of video tutorials here.

If you would prefer to let the experts handle your website content updates, you can book a work slot with our in-house team. We currently charge $120/hr billed in 15 min ($30) increments, and we can give you a time estimate before we begin.

There's a one-time fee for us to set up your website and hook everything up to your business dashboard, and then you're subscribed to a service plan. This is an ongoing monthly (or annual) subscription fee that covers everything and never goes up (unless you upgrade to a higher tier plan, of course).

No, we don't have a minimum contract term (unlike a lot of website service companies).You can just go month-to month. 

You can cancel anytime, we don't have a minimum contract term like a lot of website service companies. Signing up for our annual plan saves you money - so that's the best way to go if you plan to stay for at least a year. (Most of our clients have been with us since we began back in 2017!)

Your setup fee pays our developers to build and setup your individual site and business dashboard, so our fees are non-refundable.  Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. If you pay for a year and cancel before the end of your payment period, there are no refunds, since you received a discount on the annual plan to commit for a year.  Most of our clients have been with us since we began back in 2017. If you are unhappy with our service or product, we will do everything we can to make it right. Referrals are how we grow, so we want you to be happy. 🙂

Our founder/CEO, Sally, is head web designer and marketing automation strategist. We have 2 full-time support engineers who run our servers and our support helpdesk - Bobby and Tom.  We have Kariman (Kay Pierce Coaching) who helps inside our training courses, facilitates a lot of our live classes, and is available for hire as a brand development coach. We have George, Sally’s husband, who does QA on our websites, and we’re about to bring on another couple of web designers, to help build more of your sites. Oh, and let’s not forget Beep-Boop…

Beep-Boop is our trusted mascot. She’s a helpful robot who was banished from her planet for having too much empathy (a human trait robots do not understand). She came to Earth to be around kindness, hoping she’d be more understood here.


She found her mission at TPP, overseeing our onboarding process, during which she’ll very gently unblock all of your tech chakras. She loves her job because as a robot fueled by kindness, helping you is actually what charges her up. 


Beep-Boop is very proud that she “helps the helpers who help the world”, often noting that it’s a 3-deep ripple effect. Increasing the ripple effect of helpfulness is a core value here at TPP, so we’re very proud to be 3 levels of help ripples out already. We are working on 4!  (Update: we reached 4! A few of our clients now provide trainings for other practitioners, who then of course go on to use that training to help their clients). 

Sure! Just connect with us via the chat widget on the bottom of the page, and we'll text you back shortly. Or if you’d like to book a call, you can do so here.

Sally Crewe, FNTP, CGP

Founder & CEO,
The Practitioner Platform

Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Certified GAPS Practitioner

Photo: Hanging out with THE biggest amethyst I’ve ever had the pleasure of sticking my head into, on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Nov 2019.

A quick hello 👋 from our Founder/CEO

Hi! I'm Sally. Like most of you reading this, I'm a natural health practitioner. Reiki is my main go-to these days, but I started out in nutrition therapy (as a practicing FNTP and GAPS Practitioner).

My big goal as a healer is to master animal communication so that, combined with energy work, I can help abused and traumatized animals recover. My big wish? A ban on factory farming.

So, I get it. I understand what drives you to want to help others heal, recover, transform.

I also know how overwhelming it can be to focus on the big picture and make tangible progress when you're also juggling the day-to-day of running an online business - or perhaps even still working another job... (which you can't leave until your business is bringing in enough money...but your business can't grow because you don't have enough time... because you're working another job...) 🤦

I know firsthand that there's sooo much tech and marketing knowledge required to make any sort of impact in today's noisy world... and 'best practices' (aka what's actually working right now) constantly change. How are you supposed to keep up with it all and get the best results for your clients, grow your business, and actually have a life outside work?

As someone who's been designing and building websites for over 20 years and immersed in online marketing for the last 8, I invite you to let me help you out.

My team here at the Practitioner Platform can take that tangle of tech spaghetti off your plate.

We'll set up an automated marketing system that runs 24/7, freeing you up to focus on the work you actually want to do - helping your clients, and growing a business that provides a lifestyle you love.

Seriously, you have so much to bring to the world as a healer or a coach. Don't let the tech dragons stop you from your true calling.

If you're ready to get started, select a plan above - or feel free to book a call with me first if you'd prefer. Either way, I very much look forward to meeting you, working with you, and showing you how the new Practitioner Platform can help you help the world.

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Made with love & reiki in Austin, TX.

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