Grow with the Flow – Annual Plan (Save $120)

$1,188.00 / year and a $1,997.00 sign-up fee

Grow your impact with courses, products, and affiliates.

Grow with the Flow has everything you need to grow your online practitioner business, in whichever way you desire.

Ready to expand into online courses, memberships, or amplify your reach with a network of affiliates?

Perhaps you want to build your virtual private practice to new heights, powered by cutting edge behind-the-scenes automation that will organize all your busy work, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

The Practitioner Platform can handle it all, and you’ll never be in a position where you’ve outgrown your site, because your site evolves along with your needs.

One huge bonus of this plan is that it includes unlimited video file hosting. Meaning you can upload all your course videos (or other website video content) right inside your website dashboard. No need for a separate Vimeo or Wistia video hosting account, which is not only convenient, but will save you money.